Who needs a Matchmaker?????

Many ask why do I need a matchmaker? Can’t I find my own dates, handle my own dating life? Isn’t a matchmaker so old fashioned? The obvious answer is yes you can do all this yourself. So why are so many returning to the traditional style of dating through matchmakers to help them find a marriage partner?? The simple answer is because it has worked for thousands of years and it still works today.

The number one reason to go through a matchmaker is, it protects you. There are many painful and uncomfortable aspects of dating. Have you ever had to tell someone you aren't interested in them? Or end a relationship with someone that you know really likes you? Or maybe you have been on the other end of this and are left wondering why a person never called you back? All of these painful experiences are avoided by having a neutral third party involved. With a matchmaker, you go on a date, then tell them if you want another date or not. You never have to hurt the other person's feelings or wonder where you stand with a person ever again. You will only go on dates with people who match your criteria and have common goals. You will know this person wants to go on a date with you.

The number one complaint I hear from my clients is feeling they have wasted their time, emotions, and money on a match that did not lead to a committed relationship. Some waste months or even years of their lives hoping the person proposes or takes the next step. Many continue dating someone out of fear of hurting their feelings or even worse just for entertainment.

With a matchmaker, you get to be honest and not waste your time or your potential matches. You get to go on dates without fear of having to have awkward conversations. The matchmaker asks after each date if both parties are interested in continuing and even brings up long term goals and helps prepare both parties for proposal and marriage. The matchmaker is there to help you decide on date times, locations, and gives you feedback to help you prepare for a healthy relationship.